But really Indycar…

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  1. David Bolton says:

    I completely agree with you Jessica. I absolutely love the sport. 2015 was suppose to be a great turning point for the Series and so far it’s completely sucked.

  2. This is what I figure is the problem: I’m sure you have all seen info commercials for Sham Wow, or Chia pets. etc..Now have you ever read the fine print on shipping? Expect shipment in 12-18 weeks. Why? Because none of these companies selling these products have that product in house. They wait till 300,000 people order them. Then call their suppliers in China, and say they have 300,000 they need shipped. The price per unit because of the quantity just went from $5 each, down to 50 cents per unit, because of the huge amount of product being bought. And on the other hand, if not enough people buy the product on TV, they just say sorry, we ran out of the product you ordered, and will refund your money. You have no binding contract with them, and they could have bee using your money for those couple months they had it. Well in some ways I think the same can be said about the people selling the race! Up until now they had only sold 1/2 the tracks seats. In their minds they see no sellout happening, so they bail out of the deal and now will just return the buyer’s money, and end the race. This is how I see it going down! That and some hands got greased?

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