Open Wheels was created in May 2012 to be a positive place for motorsport fans. Open Wheels continues to grow and provide articles covering the Verion IndyCar Series, Mazda Road to Indy, Formula 1, Pirelli World Championship Series and the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship (IMSA). Open Wheels is also a platform that drivers can use to get experience by writing articles and publishing videos so that as their career grows, they will be prepared in dealing with NBCSN, ABC, Racer Magazine and the USA Today. If you have a driver that needs to gain experience and exposure in either writing or video, please contact Tony Tellez


Tony Tellez – Owner/Media Relations
Twitter: @open_wheels


Ross Fujibayashi- Beyond the Open Wheels and SportsCar Series Editor
Twitter: @fujis123

Tyler Munn – Contributor
Twitter: @TyMunn

Tanner Watkins – Contributor
Twitter: @@tannerjwatkins

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