A Conversation With Stefano Coletti


Stefano Coletti is in his rookie year in the Verizon IndyCar Series.  Many fans may not have heard of Stefano before this year as he is from Monaco.  He began his professional racing career in 2005 Formula BMW ADAC and spent his racing career in different series throughout Europe.  The last series he raced in before coming to America was in GP2 where he had a total of  8 wins.  Stefano is driving for KVRT Racing and is currently 19th in the championship.  He has 1 top 10 in 5 starts.  He just qualified for his first Indianapolis 500.

He is developing a following, especially to fans who follow him on twitter.  Shortly after his first experience at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Stefano tweeted this:

How can you not cheer for this guy?  There was no pr filter but an honest assessment of what he thought of the 8th wonder of the world.   So Stefano, since this is your first time on an oval, what is the difference in driving an oval from a road course? “Everything has to be much more precise and smooth and you are not allowed to make any mistakes.”  That’s a surprising answer because European’s value road courses and tend to look down on ovals.  To hear you say that you have to be more precise and smooth should make many of your European counterparts take notice.  Describe what your experience has been like at IMS during the month of May?  “The atmosphere is great and it’s a lot of fun. Being on the oval for the first time is an amazing experience and I am happy to be here.”  I would say based on this tweet, you are definitely enjoying your first experience of Indy.

To help fans get to know you better, what is one thing they don’t know about you and what is your favorite hobby outside of racing?  “I am a poker player and like taking risks.  My favorite hobby is soccer.”  Thank you Stefano.  Good luck next Sunday!  Enjoy the experience and soak it all in.

Tony Tellez

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