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We don’t have long to wait now. If you’re in North or South America you can stay awake, if you’re in Europe have an early night and wake up to watch, if you’re in Asia, Australia have a nice spot of lunch and then grab a beer…

That’s right – it’s here – the first race weekend of the F1 season has arrived – with the qualifying session for the 2013 Rolex Australian Grand Prix just a few hours away.

How excited am I on a scale of 1 to 10? I’d say right now it’s a 5, but by the time I’m sitting in front of the TV watching the cars roll out onto the track that will be up to a 7.

It’s going to be a strange season. As it is the last season with the old rules in place there is a risk that teams who realise they can’t win this year will effectively abandon their campaigns early and look to the new regulations for 2014. I think there is a real risk of a lacklustre end to the year’s action.

Indeed, so far the signs are ominous that Red Bull will be able to dominate as a result of the regulation stability, perhaps even more so than in previous years. Ferrari and Lotus look fairly good. Mercedes have had a better than expected round of pre-season testing, and have been particularly good in the first two practice sessions of the Australian weekend. Mclaren though are in all kinds of trouble, struggling to stay in touch with the top 10 in practice and leaving their fans groaning ‘not again!!’.

You can find all the timing and scoring here.

In terms of TV coverage it’s stability in the UK, and all change in the US, with NBC Sports taking over from Speed and Fox for the coverage. So far their approach has been patchy. There is a twitter account, but not much depth to their online presence, which seems to be mostly fan generated content and badly adapted templates from their NASCAR pages. At least they have Steve Matchett, David Hobbs and Will Buxton. Shame there’s no Bob Varsha though. We will see – and let’s hope they heavily promote IndyCar coverage during the F1 coverage.

OK – that’s it for now. Fasten your seatbelts, set your alarm clocks, it’s time to go F1 racing!!


Tony Tellez

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