Ask the Fans: Top Moments From 2014


Last night, in honor of the upcoming new year, I started to think about what were my favorite moments as an IndyCar fan from 2014. My list went on and on, especially since I had the ultimate privilege of spending a large portion of my month of May trackside in Indianapolis. As I thought about this more, I became curious: what was the highlight of the season for other fans? I posed the question on Twitter, and accumulated some great stories:

My personal favorite fan moment (if I must pick only one), was standing alongside the grid during the opening ceremonies for the Inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis. The most magical moment of my year happened when our time on the track was running out, but the yellow shirts stopped herding fans off the grid for a moment while the National Anthem was being sung. Facing the north end of the track, I had a bird’s eye view of what every driver sees and hears before the start of a race. Next thing I knew, I saw the flyover heading straight towards me. No words can explain magic of this moment; I was a fan in heaven.

IMG_3157                              IMG_1982



Thanks to all who shared, and it’s never too late to add your story to the list!

Tony Tellez

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