Bolton: My Thoughts on the 100th Indy 500


What a gorgeous day for the 100th running.  If you were exposed to the sun, you probably fried a bit but there wasn’t a rain cloud in site.  Here are some of my observations at the track:

  • Traffic was about the same as usual.  This picture was traffic on the Crawfordsville Road exit of I-4traffic65 at 6:00am.  It only affected us 20 minutes.
  • After 10:00am, the foot traffic was  very congested.  It was tough moving around certain parts of the track.
  • I think the race lived up to the hype.  The 100th had plenty of slicing and dicing all the way through the field.
  • I don’t think there were any bonehead moves by drivers.  The incident between RHR, Bell and Helio was a racing deal to me.  You have a tight pit road with 3 of the top cars vying to see who was going to win the battle in the pits.  Bell and Helio clipped each other and it sent Bell into RHR.
  • Sage Karam drove a heck of a race.  The Series is missing out with him not driving.  His wreck was due to 2 drivers competing for the same real estate.
  • Pippa Mann had the best car she’s ever had and drove her best 500 also.  My faher-in-law stated after the race that that was the best drive by a woman since Janet Guthrie.  Speaking of, Pippa made it out to the Indy Fans Tweetup at 8:30am.  No other driver works harder interacting with the fans.
  • Bell and RHR had the two best cars all day.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  Indy is Indy and if you don’t do everything right and have a little luck, you still won’t win the historic race.
  • This isn’t the first time Indy had fuel mileage determine a winner and it won’t be the last.  It can be strategy or the way the yellow’s hit.  Those last 5 laps were chaos at the track as cars had to pit for fuel.  Did anyone not have to pit?
  • I haven’t liked Rossi all year.  IndyCar seems an afterthought to him as he’s not shy about his F1 dreams.  Will this win change his thinking and direction?  He was very respectful after the race which I applaud.
  • Can IndyCar take this historic moment and capitalize on the momentum?  They need to take the same energy and effort they put into the 500 and do the same with the remaining races on the schedule this year.
  • All the rookies were impressive.  Great to see Stefan Wilson, Spencer Pigot and Matt Brabham make their Indy 500 debut.  They need to be full-time.
  • I think we have reached a point that the old guard needs to give way to the new guard.  The MRTI has the sport in a healthy spot for years to come.  Many young drivers that can make the final jump are just waiting for an empty seat.
  • How many times will Marco’s pit crew cost him a race?  He finally makes it up to 5th and they put the wrong front tires on the wrong wheel?  Really? This from a top tier team is inexcusable.


Enjoy the start of the race from my seat across from the scoring pylon:


Tony Tellez

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