By 2016 will IndyCar no longer be Ovalating?

5 thoughts on “By 2016 will IndyCar no longer be Ovalating?”

  1. Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been saying for years that the series needs more prominent Americans at the front every week. Hunter-Reay can’t be the only one. Marco and Graham have been huge disappointments. Marco is only competitive on ovals, Graham can’t seem to get out of his own way sometimes. If it ever gets to the point where they have the INDY 500 and only road/street courses, many more of us fans will be gone. I don’t mind road courses, but I despise the temporary street circuits (lack of passing usually, no run off….mistake = concrete wall = out of the race. Unfortunately, the only way INDYCAR gets attendance is to put the races in downtown areas. We’re in trouble. If you don’t think so, look at the INDY Lights series.

    1. Thank you- And I agree with all you said. I know we are in trouble, and for some reason IndyCar just doesn’t get it. The reality is the young people are our future. And how does a young child get to our races? By having parents bring them. Hmm..that means more people in seats at every venue. makes sense to me! Paul

  2. This is a great article, but it is foolish to compare Dan Wheldon’s accident to that of Greg Moore. Moore’s was a solo car accident exacerbated by grass in the infield, while Wheldon was one of 15 cars wrecked in that incident, which also left Power, Pippa Mann and JR Hildebrand with injuries of different magnitudes.

    But you’re right, and as morbid as it may be to suggest it, pack racing wasn’t always a bad thing. Having 34 cars on that particular grid was the catalyst for the accident.

    1. Thank you Matt- I was there for both crashes unfortunately 2 days I will never forget. I have just always felt the show must go on when it has to do with professionals. I do remember them trying to keep the news from the drivers during the Greg Moore crash, but it didn’t work. How the drivers went on is beyond me, but it is all part of racing. You are probably correct about Vegas. Because now when I reflect back on that day, that track, and the small crowd at hand. The whole day just didn’t seem right. And in a few laps my gut feeling,was made into reality. I believe the Vegas race could have go on, but honestly RB let everything get way out of hand,and it was an easy decision for teams, and drivers, to just quit that day. No one really wanted to be there, and I believe in more ways than one, fueled RB’s demise in the series!

  3. Im from indiana originally and used to love to go to michigan nashville kentucky speedways..still go to milwalukee…and miss PIR….viarity is the spice of Life….

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