Fab 5: May Part 1

Topic 1: Honda it still behind Chevy, even after IndyCar allowed changes in the offseason. Does Chevy have more driver talent, engineer talent, etc.? What gives? TonyD:Can’t speak on the talent, obviously Chevy does have the top two teams in the series. I’m looking forward to seeing the new engines for Honda coming up at … Continue reading Fab 5: May Part 1

Feature: March Fab 5

Topic 1: Team Penske is off to a quick start again just like 2015.  They became nonexistent after the Indy 500.  Have they figured out how to get 4 number 1 drivers to work together, will they implode like last year or will the other teams catch up and give them a run for their … Continue reading Feature: March Fab 5

Feature: July Fab 5

Topic 1: 1.Where do I start? Rule 9.3.8 Detrimental Competitor Conduct which states: Competitors must be respectful, professional, fair and courteous to others. At all times, Competitors must not, attempt to, or engage in conduct or statements that in the judgment of INDYCAR: a) Threatens or denigrates any Official, fellow Competitor or the INDYCAR brand; … Continue reading Feature: July Fab 5

Feature: June Fab 5

Topic 1: 1. Honda has been the subject of many discussions ranging from implementing Rule 9.3 which would allow IndyCar to step in and allow Honda to make major changes to their aero-kits because of it being non-competitive, to Honda leaving the Series because they want a one year extension and IndyCar wants a 3 … Continue reading Feature: June Fab 5

Feature: May Fab 5

Topic 1: 1. The Chevy’s have been struggling with getting airborne to one degree or another when the car gets loose. Pippa Mann, Josef Newgarden, Helio Castroneves and Ed Carpenter have had some scary crashes. There was a huge safety meeting before qualififying and a decision to lower boost was made. Honda teams were upset … Continue reading Feature: May Fab 5

April: Fab 5

Topic 1: 1. Team Penske has started the season off strong.  Dixon wins at Long Beach which puts Penske 1-2 in points and TCGR 3-4 in points.   Is this what IndyCar fans can expect all season or is there another driver/team that can spoil their party?? TonyD:  I think the championship will come down … Continue reading April: Fab 5