March Fab 5

Topic 1: 1. Do you like the Honda or Chevy aerokit better? Any predictions on who will have the advantage or will there be no clear advantage for either manufacturer? TonyD:  It is too tough to tell.  I think Chevy, based off what I have heard, seems to have the upper hand right now. We … Continue reading March Fab 5

Feature: October Fab 5

Topic 1: Mark Miles latest excuse on not adding new tracks to the schedule is track proximity. In other words, how many tracks can you have in the same region before it becomes oversaturated? Here is the article. Are you buying what Miles is selling? Discuss. TonyD:We need more midwest races that are easy to … Continue reading Feature: October Fab 5

Feature: August Fab 5

Topic 1: IndyCar has a great crop of young talent coming up the ranks, thanks to the Mazda Road to Indy. Although Sage Karam has signed as a development driver for TCGRT, he only raced in the Indy 500 this year. Gabby Chaves and Zach Veach are two more drivers in Lights that could make … Continue reading Feature: August Fab 5

Feature: July Fab 5

Topic 1:There’s been a lot of talk about ovals in IndyCar and that the current formula is not working. Fans are not showing up and with the downforce changes to get away from pack racing, some of the oval races have turned into snoozefests. Does IndyCar really want to race on ovals and adjust the … Continue reading Feature: July Fab 5

Feature: June Fab 5

Topic 1: RHR won the Indy 500 and then Andretti Autosport and Honda dropped a bomb with the double at Detroit and Texas. This has allowed Willy P and Helio to pull away from the pack. Has Honda fixed the engine problems in time for Houston and can Andretti Autosport rebound to keep their drivers … Continue reading Feature: June Fab 5

Feature: May Fab 5

Topic 1:Does the Grand Prix of Indy become a permanent tradition at IMS and a fixture on the IndyCar schedule? TonyD: I enjoyed the race personally. I thought it was very competitive, lot’s of drama and entertainment. I think IMS is happy with the result and I know a lot of people tuned in on … Continue reading Feature: May Fab 5

Feature: April Fab 5

Topic 1:IndyCar race control has said that they will not be issuing as many penalties this season and will allow drivers to handle racing issues. We saw this on display at Long Beach. What do you think of this approach and will it cause drivers to retaliate against each other? TonyD: Let em have it! … Continue reading Feature: April Fab 5

Feature: March Fab 5

Topic 1:Verizon and IndyCar are now partners! What is your honest assessment? TonyD:  I like it. Indy Car needed a title sponsor badly and I think the opportunities and interactions verizon brings are endless. Millions have Verizon phones and can access Indy Car at anytime. Lauren: This is excellent news. The series needs a title sponsor. … Continue reading Feature: March Fab 5