Iowa IndyCar Primer

IndyCar is down to the home stretch of races.  If you include Iowa, these are the last four races of 2015.  It seems like the season just started and now we are towards the end.  Let’s hope Mark Miles can fix this 5 month race schedule for 2016 like he’s stated several times. Iowa is … Continue reading Iowa IndyCar Primer

The Current Television ‘Partnership’ of IndyCar: Back To Third Mistress Status

One common recurring complaint from IndyCar fans and many participants as a group over the past twenty years or so involves a perception of increasing lack of respect accorded the series by its broadcast partners. IndyCar was long ago relegated to bastard stepchild status on ESPN as NASCAR and other stick and ball sports squeezed … Continue reading The Current Television ‘Partnership’ of IndyCar: Back To Third Mistress Status

Feature: June Fab 5

Topic 1: 1. Honda has been the subject of many discussions ranging from implementing Rule 9.3 which would allow IndyCar to step in and allow Honda to make major changes to their aero-kits because of it being non-competitive, to Honda leaving the Series because they want a one year extension and IndyCar wants a 3 … Continue reading Feature: June Fab 5

Highway To The Danger Zone

I’m going to take a ride into the danger zone (100 bonus points for the movie reference haha!!). IndyCar is heading into Fontana with only 6 races left and some have already started to look ahead to the 2016 schedule. Whenever you start talking about next year’s schedule, it’s an emotional roller coaster. As an … Continue reading Highway To The Danger Zone

Is Texas Toast?

As many of you know, I’m a big IndyCar fan and I rarely say anything negative about the sport I love.  IndyCar had a lot of momentum going into the 2015 season, even after the long offseason.  The best racing in motorsports was adding the intrigue of aero-kits, the first step away from spec racing. … Continue reading Is Texas Toast?

Detroit GP Rewind

Wow, what a weekend up at Detroit!  The weather played a major role the entire weekend.  Let’s talk about race 1 first.  I thought this race was exciting from the minute the green flag waved.  Takumas Sato is ridiculously talented on a wet track and so was Sebastien Bourdais.  The biggest question with Sato, when … Continue reading Detroit GP Rewind