Chevy Unveils New IndyCar AeroKit


If you missed it this morning at the IndyCar Media Day, Team Chevy unveiled their new aerokit. Take a look at the video they produced:

There has been a lot of testing by Team Chevy during this offseason. We know these aerokits will make the car faster but how much faster, no one is sure. Team Chevy tested at three tracks: Homestead, COTA and Phoenix. Currently, IndyCar does not race at any of these tracks so it’s hard to pinpoint the increase in speed, but we do know they will be faster. Team Chevy did an outstanding job in presenting this to the public and providing enough details to wet your appetite. They also did not give specific information so that Honda doesn’t know enough about their aerokit. I think they enjoyed teasing Honda about this.

The car looks so much better than the current DW12. The first question on everyone’s mind, what will Honda’s aerokit look like? Honda will unveil their aerokit at Barber, the night before the open test on March 15. The second question, which manufacturer has the advantage? No one will know until the first race as Chevy and Honda, along with the teams, will be working to learn the new car, making adjustments, etc.

I think it was a very successful media day, especially with all the support from Team Chevy. Another positive piece of news that was announced is Sage Karam will be driving for CGRT at the IndyCar season opening race at St. Petersburg. Let’s hope it turns into a full season ride. Lastly, Mark Miles said he is working on a 20 race schedule for 2016 running from the Sunday after the Super Bowl to Labor Day. That means filling February and March with additional races. Let’s hope he makes this happen and extends the season.

Tony Tellez

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