Detroit GP Rewind


Wow, what a weekend up at Detroit!  The weather played a major role the entire weekend.  Let’s talk about race 1 first.  I thought this race was exciting from the minute the green flag waved.  Takumas Sato is ridiculously talented on a wet track and so was Sebastien Bourdais.  The biggest question with Sato, when is he going to make a mistake?  Charlie Kimball took an abrupt right turn into the concrete barrier, a very hard hit.  Strategy played a major factor in this race and Marco Andretti, Carlos Munoz and Simon Pagenaud made a gutsy, but correct call.  They decided to go to slick tires while everyone else stayed on rain tires.  As the track dried out, these three guys ended up with 50 second leads on the rest of the field.  Marco had to pit 4 laps before Carlos, which gave Carlos a 20 second lead on Marco.  The race was shortened due to lightning in the area and a downpour ensued.  At the end of the day, Carlos Munoz won his first IndyCar race.  I have a feeling, it won’t be the last.  If you missed the race, here are the highlights:


For race 2, the first 38 laps were a sleeper.  Montoya checked out on everyone and built a big lead.  I think he was in another zip code.  Is it just me or is it must see tv when I guy has a huge lead and they show him going around the track all by himself, while there is some great racing back in the field that we are missing?  Anyway, once the rain was anticipated, many teams came in for wet tires in advance.  Others, like Conor Daly, gambled and staid out on slicks which was the right call.  I have to say, it was great seeing Conor Daly out front and leading a total of 11 laps.  I hope Conor turned some heads in the paddock with his driving this weekend and we see him full-time next year.  In an instant replay, Josef Newgarden takes an abrupt right hand turn in about the same place Charlie Kimball did the day before.  Another hard hit to the concrete barrier, ouch!  Once Conor had to pit, it was the Sebastien Bourdais show.  The guy deserved to win as he made a great pass on Montoya.  One of the guys that was blowing up my twitter feed was Sage Karam.  Many were bashing him for punting so many guys but this video shows he had the move of the race.  Not many guys can say they passed 4 cars going into a corner.  Watch the race 2 highlights and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Never thought I would see a Ganassi car take another Ganassi car (Kimball taking Dixon out) in the same race that a Penske car took another Penske car out (Power taking Helio out).  In fairness to Kimball, he had no idea Dixon was there and Helio was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I was surprised at the lack of avoidable contact calls during the races.  Sage Karam’s has a lot of talent and if he listens to Dario, will do just fine.  What do you think of the lack of calls?  Last shoutout is to Tristan Vautier.  The man can drive and he showed it this weekend.  Dale Coyne Racing had it’s first respectable finishes of the year with Tristan driving the car.  Can we get this man in one of the cars the rest of the year for DCR?  Make it happen Dale.

Tony Tellez

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