Editorial: Stefan Wilson – IndyCar Hero?


Let me start off by saying that I do have a personal relationship with Stefan.   I was a small part of the deal that put him in the Baltimore Grand Prix to run with Dale Coyne Racing alongside his brother.   Hell, Stefan was a big reason why I started my business RacerSponsor.  That May I had been walking through the garages at Indy, and saw this tall kid who I had met while working at Apple, standing around.   Long story short, I learned that this guy was so much cut from the same clothe as his older brother, Justin.  Yet, he was his own person, with his own sense of humor and wit.

The Wilson’s raised their kids right.   Somewhere in the genetics, racing lived, and both Justin and Stefan found their place in the racing world.

This morning when I read the news of Fernando Alonso, in no way shape or form did I know it had anything to do with Stefan and his 2017 500 deal.   However, when I found out how he was involved, it was of no surprise to me.

Just five days ago Fox 59 did a story about Stefan recruiting a new co-pilot, Yerick Colon, for the Childrens TheraPlay Horsepower 500 on May 9th. Yerick suffers from Cerebral Palsy and other muscle related disorders.

This is just one example of the fine human being that Stefan, among many other IndyCar drivers, has grown into.

Here is why I think Stefan made a smart move.

  1.  Stefan’s brother, Justin, had a strong relationship with Honda, which opened many doors during his racing career.  Now, Stefan, has opened that door for himself, by working with Honda to provide a spot for their driver. SMART Business Move.
  2. Stefan’s sponsors (who I encourage you to support) will not only get promised exposure this year during the month of May, but will also be on board for next year.   Their ROI is going to be through the roof.   SMART Business Move.
  3. Mark Miles in todays press conference confirmed Stefan’s ride for next years Indianapolis 500, so Stefan now has a year to prepare.  Instead of working on a slim timeline.  Any driver will tell you this is huge.  SMART Business Move
  4. Mark Miles also said this: “..he will be a very visible part of the IndyCar scene, throughout the month of May not only this season but also in 2018.”  IndyCar and IMS understand the visibility of Stefan in this situation, and will take complete advantage of that footprint.  Stefan can only benefit from this, along with his sponsors.  SMART Business Move.

No, he isn’t IndyCar’s hero.   IndyCar isn’t really in need of one anymore.

So now, Mr. Wilson, gets to spend the next year with his beautiful new wife, enjoying the freedom and lack of stress about next seasons event, and benefit from the smart moves that he made in the last few weeks.

Not only is Stefan Wilson a gentleman and a scholar, but now, I would certainly call him a savvy businessman as well.

Good on ya,Stef.   JW is already proud of you, but today, that smile is just a little bigger as he looks down at you with pride.   You’ve become your own man, and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

Tony Tellez

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