Fast. Forward. The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500


Will there be record speeds?  Will there be an excess number of drivers vying for those 33 treasured spots?  Will it be the most exciting version of the Indy 500 in years?

With the 100th running just around the corner, the excitement is already building.  Honda and Chevy have already committed to making more engines available.  Many drivers who are one offs have already announced their returns.

But….what will come from Indycar, and IMS?

Doug Boles and Mark Miles have both committed to making this the biggest and best event yet.

Here is what I would like to see.

– Drivers like Vitor Meira, Tomas Scheckter, Alex Lloyd, and others who have had to step away for financial reasons return to run

– Record attendance for the event

– Big name sponsors returning, and new big name sponsors coming on board

– Big events leading up to, and during the month of May to benefit the fans

IMS always puts on a good show, and Indycar always delivers the race product on the track.  As fan’s do we not have the same responsibility to market the sport we love?  Talk about it, invite friends and family who haven’t ever been, introduce new fans to the sport.

This will be a big year, for both the series, and the race.  Let’s hope they do it right.

Tony Tellez

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  1. A lttle advertising couldn’t hurt either you hardly ever see indycar commercials!!!!!

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