Feature: 5 Questions With Andrew List

Courtesy: USF2000

Courtesy: USF2000

Andrew List completed his rookie season 17th in the championship in the USF2000 for D2D Motorsports. Here are Andrew’s answers to 5 Questions:

1. Who is your toughest competitor on the track?

“Florian Latorre. The guy is consistent, which is huge in racing. If you can’t be consistent then winning a championship is extremely unlikely. Plus, he’s really smooth, which makes him fast; he’s basically a triple threat.”

2. Outside of motorsports, what is your favorite sport to watch?

“I like watching rugby. It’s looks like fun to play. It’s fast paced and a team sport, too, which is a lot like racing.”

3. In regards to racing, what is the biggest lesson you learned in 2014?

“You have to finish to win. I saw some instances last season where some of my competitors were on their way to great finishes, only to crash out.”

4. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?

“In Sonoma a young man wrote me a very nice letter and included a picture of my car as a thank you for spending a little time with him. It was an awesome way to wrap up the season, because I was in his position once. It was something that I could share with my team, too, since they’re all great about spending time with fans, even when they’re busy.”

5. What is your favorite race track and why?

Toronto. I learned to really like street courses this year, and Toronto is interesting because it has some elevation change, which is something you usually don’t get a lot of on street courses. And I got my first Top Ten finish there, so the team and I have some good memories there.”

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