Feature: 5 Questions With RC Enerson

Courtesy: USF2000

Courtesy: USF2000

RC Enerson finished second in the championship in the USF2000 Series driving for Team E Racing. Here are RC’s answers to 5 Questions:

1.     Who is your toughest competitor on the track?

My toughest competitor throughout the 2014 season would have to be Florian Latorre because he kept me on my toes all season long.

2. Outside of motorsports, what is your favorite sport to watch?

Are there any other sports outside of motorsport ?

3. In regards to racing, what is the biggest lesson you learned in 2014?

To always push 110% all the time.

4. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Always cool when fans email asking for hero cards or anything I could send to them.

5. What is your favorite race track and why?

Mid-Ohio because of the long flowing corners and elevation (& weather) changes makes the track very challenging.

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