Feature: 5 Questions With Vicky Piria

Courtesy: Pro Mazda

Courtesy: Pro Mazda

Vicky drove in 3 races with JDC MotorSports in Pro Mazda. Here are Vicky’s answers to 5 Questions:

1. Who is your toughest competitor on the track?

In Pro Mazda I would say Spencer Pigot, he had already been my competitor in F3 in Europe.

2. Outside of motorsports, what is your favorite sport to watch?

I love watching MotoGP, Rugby and Soccer.

3. In regards to racing, what is the biggest lesson you learned in 2014?

How important is preparation and method before starting the first race of a Championship.

4. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?

I had many special gestures but I personally love a huge drawing that I have hung up in my room.

5. What is your favorite race track and why?

I have to say Spa-Francorchamps. I love the speed, the flow of the sequence of fast corners and the up/down hill of Eau Rouge.

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