Finally… and now…


Well the Indycar season has come and gone now… so strange to say that in Sept. The only word I can think of that fits the season ending race is FINALLY!

Finally TK won again, and with the joy that was so missed in victory lane. Finally Will power got his championship, and the relief on his face was priceless. I truly believe that he deserves it.

Now we wait, with baited breath in some cases. What will the off season bring, and what will next season shape into? I don’t doubt that every single person who reads this has their own opinion of what should or shouldn’t happen. This has the potential to be the most interesting off season ever. We have drivers with contracts that are up, we have no real clue what the schedule will end up looking like, and we have mountains of time to see it all fall together.

I can’t wait to see the schedule. I think that more than anything else that is going to happen, the schedule has the ability to hurt or help the series the most. There are so many variables that are involved. Locations, times, double -headers, lengths of races, ¬†ovals, road course, street courses, etc. I think everyone is excited about the NOLA race, but there needs to be more races that everyone can get into also. I personally would like to see a couple more oval races to even it up some. I think it would make future champions have to be very balanced drivers, and this would keep fans watching. Yes there is risk in ovals, but all the drivers raced clean and hard in fontana, so I believe they can do it!

I also can’t wait to see where all the drivers shake out. I hope that the deserving drivers get to be with teams that can help them. Oh, and after this past season the incoming rookies (if there are any) have some BIG shoes to fill. I can’t wait to see what they all do in their second season.

I for one can’t wait until next season, its going to be a long winter!

Tony Tellez

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