Garth Rickards: Indy GP Recap


It’s always special when you walk into the speedway but when you walk it to drive, it sends chills down your spine. You can almost hear all the past champions crossing the finish line. Our week was very productive. We had to find some speed in both the car and refine my line to get towards the top of the charts. Qualifying 6th for both races we were in a good position to score top five finishes and that was the goal. In racing there are A factors in which you can control and B factors ( other drivers, mechanical issues) that you can not control. Unfortunately we experienced two B factors this weekend.

Courtesy: Garth Rickards

Courtesy: Garth Rickards

In race one we got punted from behind which knocked us all the way towards the back but we continued to chip away and made it back up to 15th. In race two we lost two spots on the start and then a caution came out that lasted 3/4th of the race. We made the positions back up on the restart and came home 7th. I felt I drove well and the times backed it up by having faster laps than my teammates. That is the past and we are focused on the upcoming races.

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