Garth Rickards: St. Pete Recap


It was quite a weekend to say the least. I feel right at home at Pabst racing and we kicked off the season great in qualifying with my best USF2000 career qualifying position of fourth. On the other hand we got involved in a racing incident in race one which forced us to retire early with substantial damage to the car. It definitely wasn’t a great way to start the year but the Pabst racing guys did an amazing job with my teammates finishing fist and second. I have no doubt we would have been up there fighting for a podium if we were still in the race.

Courtesy: Garth Rickards

Courtesy: Garth Rickards

On to the second race, the Pabst guys once again did an incredible job of fixing the car and getting me on the grid. We started and finished sixth with a lot of battles going on. It wasn’t an ideal weekend but it was a big character building weekend. I couldn’t be happier for my team and teammates for locking down the top two steps on the podium in both races. I plan to be apart of sweeping the podium in the near feature with my Pabst racing 22 machine.

Tony Tellez

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