How can a rooster tail, make the IndyCar Series look like a goat?



This how I see it. I am not going to get into whether or not IndyCar made the correct decision today. I am also not going to point out that it was advantageous for some driver’s to start a Coup d’état against racing today in Toronto. Although I would like point some things out! Basically on Sunday we will have the same weather in the am, and afternoon as we had today in Toronto. But don’t take my word for it, here it is in black and white below:

Sun Morning: Light rain 17°C Feels like 17
P.O.P: 60%, Rain: 1-3 mm, Wind S 10 km/h, Humidity 100%.

Sun. Afternoon: Isolated showers, 23°C, Feels like 29, P.O.P: 40%
Rain: Close to 1 mm, Wind SE 10 km/h,Humidity 88%.

Having said that. The IndyCar Series, and Derrick Walker, have really played a game of Russian Roulette from where I stand! If the weather is the same Sunday as it was today, and they decide to race in it. How do you explain today’s decision not to race? If the weather plays havoc again on Sunday, and both races are cancelled. Is IndyCar close to being sued by the city of Toronto, and possibly a class action lawsuit by fan’s against IndyCar, and its promoter. This would be like when CART was sued by the Texas Motor Speedway. When the drivers deemed the track to be undrivable at the last moment before the race! (Maybe this is why Toronto promoter is going out of his way to let all fan’s reuse their GA, or reserved tickets for Saturday race, to get in at the Sunday race?)

My Second question: The IndyCar driver’s were unable to race in less than an inch of rain today on track, and yet they will race two very grueling, and mentally demanding races back, to back on Sunday in quite possibly the same conditions. Wouldn’t it have made more sense, to drive around the track today in a professional manner that is to be expected of race car driver’s of this caliber. And at the least, let them take about 10 laps and see how it changes the condition’s! What happens if on Sunday someone gets injured in the second race? And teams, driver’ fan’s and the press start blaming driver fatigue as the culprit! Who will take the fall for this on Monday? 

Now if I may play Devils advocate: Let’s say that some drivers in the first race tomorrow, are so far out of the points, or it is raining, and they are afraid of damaging the car. That they just pull out of race one to save their engines, save on drivers fatigue, and wait it out for race two. Now let’s go one step further. A team loses and engine, or crashes in the first minutes of race one. Will that team be allowed to take their cars back to the paddock area, and swap out the engine or make repairs without being penalized? If they are not penalized in any way. How is this fair to team’s that lose an engine, or crash at the very last part of the race? Shouldn’t they have equal time to make changes, and fix problems like the teams that lost cars in the first minutes of the race? What about car tech inspections? So how does IndyCar handle any kind of driver’s penalty’s where a driver causes a wreck, or pit lane violations yet he is still in the race? In a shortened race like this, a drive through penalty may as well be a death sentence to team, and driver. So again going back to what I pointed out above. It would make good sense to just pull out of the race altogether. And save your car, and driver for round two!

In conclusion: Here is the worst part in Toronto as I see it. What I am sure would have been a barn burner of a race. Instead has turned into wet spot on a series that needs the attention, and to make its sponsors, and fan’s happy. I also know that teams,and the IndyCar series relies on Nielsen rating numbers to draw in potential sponsor’s. Today’s race, or lack of. Did nothing to bolster TV ratings. As well. Those viewer’s west of the Mississippi will not be viewing race one on early Sunday morning. And unless the casual observer, keeps up with social media, most won’t have a clue about race two in Toronto on Sunday!

I would also like to pose the question? How does IndyCar, and Dallara let all these years go by on the DW-12 car, without fixing the obvious rooster tail problem? I mean by now, we all know this happens in the rain with these car’s, and on these courses. How about a mud flap like you see on trucks? Or at the least a splatter guard device, like cooks use to keep grease from splashing all over!

Today’s decision-making, whether right, or wrong made the IndyCar Series look amateurish at best. What makes it worse is that I know Formula One would not have let a queue de coq get in the way of finishing a race. Or for that matter starting one.



Tony Tellez

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