Ireland native Keith Donegan continues wild ride with MRTI Shootout victory

2 thoughts on “Ireland native Keith Donegan continues wild ride with MRTI Shootout victory”

  1. The beauty of the family team in grassroots motorsport has to be considered. In US tin-top racing, two rising stars, Erik Jones (Monster Energy Cup) and John Hunter Nemechek (Xfinity) started in dad-and-lad operations, only to be discovered and sent to top teams. Jones’ story was memorable, as he parlayed his dad-and-lad operation into beating a premiership superstar who entered an end of season big money Super Late Model (equivalent of single seaters’ FF1600 or F3) event, and the driver he defeated cleanly weeks later gave him a call to join his tin-top ladder team, and four years later was racing in the premiership.

    Since Mazda will work to get him with Cape Motorsports, that should help him much, but what is an even bigger virtue that will help him is the Andersen Promotions policy where drivers attend off-track seminars that they say will assist drivers in “conducting interviews, the business of motorsports, performance thinking, fitness and wellness, driver brand building, social media and working with the media, and providing a return on investment.”

    In 2017, seminar training included the premiership commentator instructing drivers on handing the media, a few legends teaching drivers peculiarities of driving certain series, and how to conduct business with series sponsors. The Road to Indy drivers will learn different skills by simply attending these seminars that INDYCAR offers with the package.

    Don’t be surprised if one of the local colleges in the Indianapolis area asks him to consider taking a semester of classes to continue his studies after the season ends and then use it further.

    1. Bobby,
      Thanks for you insightful comment. I definitely appreciate it, and I’m interested in learning more about the seminar training program that the MRTI conducts.

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