Is Texas Toast?

3 thoughts on “Is Texas Toast?”

  1. 1.5 mile tri/quad highbank ovals always produce boring races no mater what series but particularly with Indy Cars. Pack racing isn’t worth the risk to the drivers and the fans.

    1. Bill, I don’t understand why we can’t have the same type of race like the Indy 500. The cars are single file but can catch up to the car in front of them, draft and sling shot by. I don’t like the current package at Texas and find it extremely boring. It’s an engineering race and the vast majority guessed wrong so those drivers just tried to keep it off the wall and survive. Get rid of the tires falling off too.

      1. It’s the banking and the transitions, tire wear is also a factor. If it sticks in the banking it won’t work in the transitions. MilwUkee works because it’s consistent (flat). Michigan would wor for the same reason but the speeds would be too high (no transitions). I’ve never seen Cal Speedway. These cars rely almost entirely on aero, mechanical grip is essentially ignored. This could all be solved with higher staight speeds and slower corner speeds. there is nothing like having to decide where to lift and brake on an oval too make good racing.

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