Kevin Estre: COTA Recap

The 1st meeting from the PWC in Cota went really well for us. We improved the car little by little in free practices under dry conditions being in the top 5 in all sessions.
The qualifying is hard to manage under this format because there are 50 cars on track for 45min but we can use only 1 set of tires.  So we went out directly with the strategy of trying to set a lap in the 1st part of qualifying, thinking about the less chances of hitting traffic.  I did the fastest lap on my 1st try but then got some traffic in the next 2 laps so we decided to pit.  As 2 cars improved while we were in the pit lane we decided to have another shot and improved the lap time to claim 2nd place.
We started P2 but unfortunately had a really bad start and was about P10 when I attacked the braking from Turn 1.  I got out from Turn 1 in P7, then overtook 2 cars in the 1st lap to be P5 crossing the line at the end from lap 1.  I had a fight with O’Connell in the Cadillac but couldn’t pass him and the positions stayed the same the whole race. I finally finished 4th because Nick Catsburg got a drive through penalty during the race.

The Sunday morning warm-up was under wet conditions and we only had time to do 2 laps before the red came out. I finished P1 with a 4 second gap and a great feeling from the car.


Courtesy: K-Pax Racing

The start from Race 2 was a flying start as the conditions were bad and the Organisation thought that a standing start would be too dangerous. I had a good start behind the Cadillac and while he moved a bit to the left before the braking there was enough space on the right side for a car, so I decided to go there and try to brake later than the others. The car stopped really well and I was able to take the lead going on the outside from turn 1. Then I pulled a big gap in a few laps but unfortunately the Safety Car came out so I lost everything. I tried really hard to keep my tires warm under the safety car, as it was still raining and in these conditions every extra degree in the tires is a benefit. I had a great restart and the car was super consistent so I managed to win the race with more than a 30 second gap.

I would like to Thank K-PAX with Flying Lizard Motorsport which gave me a great car all weekend long and gave me the possibility to claim the 1st victory from the brand new McLarenGT 650S.

Tony Tellez

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