Love it or hate it? New qualifying format for 500


There is something new to talk about when it comes to the 500 this year, and I don’t mean all of the rookies. Qualifying has been spun on its head!

Now that it has gone down, and everyone had a chance to check it out, What do you all think?

I for one am totally torn on it. I understand that the series and the speedway are trying to fill more seats on more days, but I don’t like some aspects. I feel like if there were more than 33 cars it would bring more excitement to both days, but sadly that wasn’t the case this year. Saturday felt like it didn’t matter at all really, and in fact I know many people who skipped to do something else that day.

I like the format on sunday. I think having an early practice made people get there early to watch all day. I also think that going in reverse order helped to build excitement as the day went on. I don’t like that the fast 9 had people who really should have been way back in the field. It seems a shame for the drivers who had quick times on sunday, but may have been shut out of the fast 9. I don’t like that p9 qualified about 2.5 mph slower than p10.

I think a better way to go about this could be setting the field on sat. (getting bumping out of the way if there is any). Then on sunday starting over for all spots, basically just get rid of the fast 9 deal. I feel like the excitement would still stay, but maybe someone who was mid-pack on sat could come out and win pole on sunday. That would keep the excitement up for the whole day. It isn’t a perfect scenario of course, you could wind up with the whole field in the exact spots they were in on sat. but at least it would be a bit more fair in my opinion. I personally think you need to be able to have the field in order per speed, not just because they had a good run on sat.

I think with a little tweaking this new format could work, just want to see some bumping so that sat. becomes a day when people want to come and watch again. Also the drivers should be in correct order by speed. It could make for a bumpy start for the 98th Indy 500. People will get shuffled back quickly I think. Can’t wait for race day!

Tony Tellez

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