Mid Ohio Recap or Graham Rahal’s Coup


What a race weekend at Mid-Ohio! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the best it’s been in quite some time. I

My view for the IndyCar race

My view for the IndyCar race

had the privilege of attending the whole weekend and the fans really turned out to support this race. I spent the weekend in the campground, my first time ever doing something like that. There was a lot of energy in the campground, which crescendo’d on Sunday. As a side note, the fans enjoyed the social bonfire complete with s’mores. Thank you Honda for the good time. Here are my observations trackside:

  • Everyone at the track thought Dixie was going to run away with it, he had a wicked fast car.
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy made for an unpredictable race.
  • Coletti almost took Pags out going into the esses, I have no idea how Pagenaud survived.
  • I looked up Sato in the Japanese thesaurus and it listed kamikaze as a synonym.  So much talent but he hits to many things.
  • IndyCar fans on twitter have more conspiracy theories than the nut jobs in real life.  There is no way Sage spun out on purpose, he’s competing for a full-time ride next year.
  • Juan, the man who has led the championship the whole season, is dangerously close to pulling a Billy Buckner Boston Red Sox choke job.
  • Graham Rahal continues to struggle qualifying but is stringing together a late championship run.  I saw him quite a few times making himself available to fans and he was a judge for the camping decoration competition.
  • I was talking with an MRTI driver and told him that I believe that the Mid-Ohio race was key to Graham winning or losing the championship.  I stand by that comment.
  • Remind me again why the season is almost over? The best racing of any motorsport series needs a longer season and let’s hope Miles can make it happen in 2016.
  • Every time you turned around at Mid-Ohio, you saw Steak n Shake.  Fans were wearing shirts, hats, you name it.  It’s great to see the activation from RLL and Steak n Shake.
  • Don’t look now but 7 of the top 10 cars were Honda’s.  I think they have finally figured things out at least for race trim.
  • In a very limited season, how bout Justin Wilson!  Dude drove his butt off and finished p2.  My Christmas wish is for Andretti to find sponsorship and have him signed by then.  If anyone can do it, it’s Michael Andretti.
  • If you’ve never been to Mid-Ohio, you really need to go.  It’s very fan friendly, the elevation changes are very noticeable as television just doesn’t suffice.  Make sure to get a paddock pass because you will be guaranteed to see drivers.  There is literally no where for them to hide.  My third year in a row going and I plan to keep going.
  • Had to laugh in the paddock on Saturday.  Marco Andretti comes out of his hauler and gets on his scooter.  A man goes over to try to get his autograph and Marco takes off.  The guy’s wife comes over and says “who is that, a driver?”  Really?  There’s even a banner there for crying out loud.
  • The IndyCar Series needs Graham Rahal to win the championship.  The fickle media that doesn’t cover IndyCar will recognize the name Rahal and then the media blitz is on.

Let me know what you thought about the Mid-Ohio IndyCar race.  @Open_Wheels @davidindycar

Tony Tellez

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