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Just wanted to shout out to everyone at Open-Wheels, and of course everyone who follow’s us on this page. Take it easy on me, I’m new at this. LOL It is my wish to bring as much behind the scene’s IndyCar content, I can find out there. As well as sharing photo’s, and video from my local races here in California. We are less than one month away from our first IndyCar race, with still no title sponsor announced. And silly season seems to still be upon us, as we close in on the new 2014 season. Let me hear your thought’s on the National Guard lawsuit! Is this, Good, bad, or just plain ugly? Can’t wait for the new season, and of course some great dialogue.


Tony Tellez

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  1. Welcome Aboard! The lawsuit is just plain ugly! John Barnes is out of line on this one, and it could bite him back hard! Will be interesting to watch play out!

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