IndyCar’s Dilemma

It’s been a long off-season for IndyCar fans as it seems like an eternity since the last race.  It’s also been disappointing, which is the main reason I haven’t written since the end of last season.  For me as a fan, various media and IndyCar had been promising fans more races each of the last … Continue reading IndyCar’s Dilemma

PJ Groenke: Mid-Ohio Recap

Mid-O is awesome! With corners named “The Keyhole”, “China Beach”, “Madness”, “Thunder Valley” and “The Carousel” how could it not be? Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is one of those old school driver’s courses that demands respect and is extremely challenging, technical, and a ton of fun to race on all at the same time. Being … Continue reading PJ Groenke: Mid-Ohio Recap