Bolton: Help a Sister Out

I’ve been waiting for several weeks now on the tremendous opportunity that Pirelli World Challenge Owner/Driver Shea Holbrook would be announcing on November 3. In case you missed it yesterday, Shea has the opportunity to race in the IHRA’s Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series in 2015. You can read about it on the Dark Horse … Continue reading Bolton: Help a Sister Out

Feature: October Fab 5

Topic 1: Mark Miles latest excuse on not adding new tracks to the schedule is track proximity. In other words, how many tracks can you have in the same region before it becomes oversaturated? Here is the article. Are you buying what Miles is selling? Discuss. TonyD:We need more midwest races that are easy to … Continue reading Feature: October Fab 5

Bolton: Defining Moments

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life?  What makes something a defining moment?  According to the dictionary, a defining moment is a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group,etc. is revealed or identified.  Some synonyms are critical moments, moment of truth, turning point and point of no … Continue reading Bolton: Defining Moments