Post Hiatus… yes I still watch racing!


Well Hello again all! Hope you can all forgive my hiatus, I never intended to take one, but life hit my like a ton of bricks and I had to.

But I am back to spread my thoughts on this crazy (in a good way) season! I mean seriously this is the best racing in Indycar I have seen in YEARS. I am loving it all!

Biggest winner this past weekend wasn’t Scott Dixon (I’ll get to him in a min.), it was Josef Newgarden. Kid had a great race for most of the day, hate that it didn’t work out better for him. He is really growing and getting better each week and its fantastic to watch him!

Biggest Loser of the race… Helio, not all of his own fault, but dang that was a bad day! He still has 3 races to go though so time will tell.

Now Scott Dixon, I am kind of torn really. I mean he did make insane fuel, but it was really a big strategy call to leave him out and it just so happened to pay off (by only a few hundred feet). Don’t get me wrong, a win from last is pretty amazing, I’m just saying there was a little more to it.

Now my quick take on the season so far (as I have been M.I.A. for so long)…

I will say it again… These rookies! I mean this is the most amazing class I think there has ever been. They are all a great talent, and I have been impressed week in and week out at how well they are getting along. Yes there have been issues and mistakes, but I don’t think anyone can deny that they have talent and lots of it.

Ganassi is losing, and that is so unusual, but it is keeping things interesting for the fans. We are so used to seeing the same few people up front week in and week out, it’s a breath of fresh air to see some new faces doing so well.

Ok Indycar, I’m looking at you now, When are you going to start getting fans back in seats at all costs? There is only one way to grow the sport and bring in the money and that is getting people there. Yes, mid-ohio had people but most of the other races (save for indy) have had just as many people in the pits as in the stands. Something has got to give! I know that racing in general is drawing fewer fans, but I think there is potential. Especially with the season that has happened this year. The product is there, now its time to bring in the people to sell it!


Well again, hope you can all forgive my absence lately. I should be in much better shape now, and back to normal totally by next month. So look to see me more often again. Missed you all!

Tony Tellez

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