Pro Mazda Driver Michael Johnson Update


Seeing Michael Johnson at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a thrill considering where he was after the first day ofIMG_1707 (1) practice at St. Petersburg.  In case you didn’t know, Michael slammed into the cement wall and suffered numerous injuries.  He was in Intensive Care for several weeks with lung problems.  I was able to sit down with him today at the JDC Motorsports garage.

Michael’s hip and pelvis are completely healed.  His lungs are much better but not 100%.  His trainer, Josh, has been helping his body regain strength as he lost a lot due to his time in the hospital.  He told me that he is good enough to get in the car, but the biggest issue keeping him out are his eyes.  The collision into the wall was so hard that he was diagnosed with bruised eyeballs.  To be specific, his retina’s were bruised and inflammed.  He has trouble focusing on objects in the distance, as well as, up close.  Michael gave a great illustration to help me understand what his eyes are doing.  When the doctor shines the light into your eye to see how your retina’s adjust to bright light and then shuts the light off, a normal person’s eyes adjust very quickly.  You are able to see right away, not so with Michael.  It’s like the light blinds him and everything is fuzzy for awhile.  Strange enough, swimming in chlorine water actually helps heal his eyes so he’s been doing a lot of that.

Michael’s goal is to start driving at Toronto.  He has a test at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in Illinois one week prior to Toronto.  He will find out during the test if he will be able to return for Toronto.  He will need to get cleared by the IndyCar Medical Staff prior to the testing.  Keep working hard Michael and we hope to see you back in action for Toronto on June 12.


Tony Tellez

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