Q and A with Scott Speed on Formula E


So a few weeks ago I was watching Formula E from Miami. I was fascinated immediately and so I wanted to get a first hand point of view ASAP. The day after the Miami E Prix I got with Scott Speed for a quick Q and A. I was trying to find a great time to post it, and then EVERYONE was hating on formula E. I wanted to wait to post this interview until after the steam blew over.

Yes, there are a ton of issues that need to be worked out. But this is the first season, there will always be hiccups. I for one believe there are a lot more positives than negatives. Its quite interesting to watch. The pit stops are a crazy timed car switch, where everything comes down to being perfect. The racing is quite good at the beginning and end of the stints with each car. Energy conservation is key, and a heavy foot can actually be a bad thing if you run out of battery too soon.

The idea of the fan vote for push to pass is interesting. People were going crazy about this on social media. I think it is an interesting concept. There are a lot of competitions where fan voting helps or hurts the people in the competition (think dancing with the stars). Yes I understand this is a sport and the nature is a bit different, but it is an interesting thought.

Overall I really like the series. Yes there needs to be some tweaks, but I like it none the less. And I must not be the only one. Judging by the crowds that these races are bringing in, a lot of people are interested in seeing this new technology and where it will end up.

Enough of my thoughts, here is what Scott had to say about the Miami E Prix. Please keep in mind this was before he raced a second time in the series, and I have not asked for any updates from him.


Tony Tellez

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