RacerSponsor: A new take on making sponsorships pay off


We all hear about it every day, “money makes the world go round,” this old saying holds true when it comes to race cars too. Every team and Driver needs some sort of financial backing to make their dreams come true, and they have all been searching for ways to get companies to back them since the beginning.

Truth is that these days it is hard to get anyone to even think about spending money on motorsports sponsorships, but that is where RacerSponsor comes in. Tony Tellez and his team have created something special, and it seems to be really working for everyone involved.

RacerSponsors goal is to create long lasting relationships between sponsors and the teams or drivers that they are paired with. Tony is doing this by creating whole marketing plans for the sponsors so they can see exactly what they will be getting for the money they invest. He learns the ins and outs of both the companies and the drivers/ teams he is working with so that he can pair the best options together. The process becomes almost seamless for the sponsors and that is more than helpful to them.


Currently RacerSponsor is working with about 15 drivers in various series, and they are looking to expand. Of note, Stefan Wilson and Nirvana Tea were brought together for the Baltimore race by RacerSponsor with the help of Hippino.com.

Tony hopes to match sponsors and talent by working to match up both sides with the proper branding. This takes time, and lots of leg work. Tony is working on making deals happen, but they take many meetings and calls. He wants to make sure the sponsors are comfortable in making the decision to sponsor a driver/ team. He also wants them to know exactly what they are getting into so that there will be no surprises at the end of the day.

Currently Tony is working with the folks at Fan Force United to make sure that they have the sponsors they need to have a great season. I spoke with Chris Willams from Fan Force and he seems happy with the process. He told me that they are working with RacerSponsor on a couple deals for the season. He also said that they have weekly meetings with Tony and that he is always calling and texting updates. Sounds like a great process to me!


I hope that this company really takes off. It sounds like the perfect way to get sponsors to be interested in motorsports again. It takes the blindfold off of the whole process and that is what racing needs.

“Seeing drivers succeed in a world marred by financial concurs is the ultimate goal of RacerSponsor, and we will work our hind ends off to see that happen” said Tony. Sounds like a winner to me.


RacerSponsor can be contacted at info@racersponsor.com or on Twitter and Facebook @racersponsor and Facebook.com/racersponsor. Fan Force United can be found on twitter @FanForceUnited

Tony Tellez

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