Racing and Friendships at IMS


If you’ve never been to a race, especially at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you are really missing out.  Those who aren’t racing fans typically say one of two things: anyone can get in a car and drive or they just go around in circles.  How much fun can that be?  If they only knew.  Racing is an experience that engages your senses.  In person, the sound of the engines make your heart beat faster.  You can feel the power the car’s generate.  The smell of the gasoline, along with the exhaust let’s you know that these are no ordinary cars.  The liveries along with the design of an IndyCar are pleasing to the eyes.  There is a lot to look at and take in with these cars, add to that the technology piece, and you could spend hours learning about how these cars are able to go so fast.

The other great thing about racing are the people.  Friendships are formed at the track and on social media.  I had the privilege of spending time with some people that have become friends on twitter.  We watched the racing from the turn 1 mounds  and had fun doing it.  We drew names out of a hat for the IndyCar drivers in the GP, so that one of us can have bragging rights.  We told stories and talked racing.  If you never go to a track or only watch racing on television, you miss out on these two aspects.  Thanks for spending time with me @djordan3223 @Jackie_Jordan @kylelewis1 @Gina_Hess92 @flywheel011 @TheKingOfSwingIMG_1694

Indianapolis Motor Speedway brings these two aspects together.  I refer to the Speedway as the 8th wonder of the world.  It truly is a world class facility and there are plenty of areas to keep your attention.  How many racing facilities have a golf course inside it or a Hall of Fame museum?  If you are a Hoosier, you have to visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway at some point.  I think you will be surprised and bring some friends along with you.  Don’t forget Saturday at 12:30 in the pagoda plaza is the IndyCar fan tweetup.  Hope to see you there.

Tony Tellez

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