RC Enerson: Barber MotorSport Park


Barber was a great points weekend in my eyes, coming away with a 6th and 4th isn’t bad and we maintained 5th in the championship. It also helped a lot that our cars rolled off the transport with a great balance. The first practice brought a ton of confidence to me as we came away P1 with a car I knew was going to be competitive. Every change we made seemed to make the car just that much better. Going into the second practice the track changed a lot and threw us off a little, we ended up at the back of the pack and that meant we really needed to put a good car together for qualifying the next morning.

Courtesy: RC Enerson

Courtesy: RC Enerson

Qualifying at 8AM is always tricky being the first cars on track so we had to be careful on what we chose to change on the car. After a long qualifying we ended up P5 but due to some penalties we were moved up to P3 for race 1. Race 1 didn’t go quite to plan as we were able to get up to second on the first lap but after a yellow we came to the restart and got thrown off the road at the exit of turn 5, so we had to settle with our 6th place finish.

For race 2 we were starting 4th so we had a great chance at a podium. After the start we settled into 4th but while going for a pass for 3rd, I had to put two wheels in the grass to avoid contact, which meant settling for that 4th place finish. Overall a positive weekend, can’t wait for Indy GP!

Tony Tellez

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