Rumble in Fort Wayne


This is the time of year every racing fan dreads.  Whether you are a fan of NASCAR, Formula 1, IndyCar or any other racing series, they are all in winter hibernation.  You can turn on the television but you won’t find any races.  Social media even dries up over the winter months.  Fans are looking for a single drop of information, no matter how mundane, to quench their thirst.  I mean seriously, did anyone really think Scott Dixon wasn’t going to be with TCGRT for 2015?  Yet fans were tweeting about it like it was a big announcement.  So what are fans to do to pass these boring winter months until racing starts back up?


I want you to consider attending the Rumble in Fort Wayne December 26-28.  For those who live in Indy, I know you think everything revolves around the state capital but there are other places in the state that have good racing.  Fort Wayne is only an hour and a half drive north on I-69 and it’s held in the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center.  The type of cars racing range from karting, midgets, winged and non-winged 600’s and quarter midgets.  Here’s a little video to wet your appetite:


So make the drive to Fort Wayne, either for the entire weekend or just a single day, and have some fun.  The sound is incredible with these cars being indoors.  I’ll be there Saturday for sure so give me a shout on twitter so I can say hi to you there @davidindycar

Tony Tellez

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