TASKER: Midget racing’s identity crisis

2 thoughts on “TASKER: Midget racing’s identity crisis”

  1. This was a Great read for me, I have a lot of memories from the fifties, if only I could bring to the front of a tired old brain. I’ll probably reread this a few times and see if anything comes back. I look forward to more. Have to thank Ron Lauer for sharing this one, aty

  2. I really feel the Night Before the 500 has to be back again. I know the Winged Sprint Cars sold safety well, which is gravy, but, I am feeling the narrators are getting tired down of the same bad scene and Midget and Non Wing Sprint Cars need advocates as much as sponsors, because the Supermodifieds couldn’t keep business outside the Northeast and just because there’s Indy Family in Denver or Orlando doesn’t mean they’d cast the same outside IndyCar or F1. I almost think Open Wheel needs to have everyone who’s interested in the same conference.

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