WATKINS: Breaking down INDYCAR’s four-race cancellation and future

One thought on “WATKINS: Breaking down INDYCAR’s four-race cancellation and future”

  1. So glad we decided not to do St. Pete because the races were to close together to take that much time off. We hadn’t bought our plane tickets and hotel for Long Beach yet. COTA is our local track and we take the RV. If I had paid for everything I would be out thousands with nothing to show. I am not buying plane tickets and booking a hotel for the Indy GP as of now either. 34 yrs of working Indy events and this is the first time they have truly disappointed me. Over 150 Indy Events under my glove and this season will be a bust for us. This is going to make it very difficult to get workers after they have taken such a financial loss on the beginning of the season. We are all volunteers and pay everything out of our pockets. We arrange our work schedules to work these events and put out hearts and souls into them for the love of the sport. I understand Indy Cars position, but I worked events during the Swine Flu of 2009/2010 which was much more devastating and have zero recolonization of any of the hysteria associated with that virus as there is with this virus. This just leaves Mid Ohio on our calendar for 2020.Guess there is always 2021.

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