Bolton: Realistic Expectations For 2015 And Beyond

3 thoughts on “Bolton: Realistic Expectations For 2015 And Beyond”

  1. This quote from Watkins Glen president Michael Printup may provide your answer: “I haven’t talked to IndyCar in two and a half years. I don’t even think they’re ready to talk to us, to be candid. We don’t have any desire with their current business model to run here. Their business model is insane. They’re asking way too much money for a product that you can’t sell enough tickets to and obviously that puts you in red ink land. And there’s no TV; corporate sponsors aren’t following them. If your corporate sponsors and TV won’t follow, it’s very difficult to host one of these races. I love IndyCar, as you well might remember, and I’d love to have them back. From a business model point of view, I can’t see doing it.”

  2. Thanks John for the comment and insight. It raises two questions: 1. What, if anything, is IndyCar doing to lower sanctioning fees to host their races? 2. Why are media outlets reporting that certain tracks could be added to the schedule when there’s no chance? It’s giving fans false hope.

  3. Like many fans, I’d like to see venues like Watkins Glen, Road America, Phoenix and Cleveland given consideration for the future schedule. But Printup said it well – if a track doesn’t have a major title sponsor lined up, it’s impossible for them to come close to breaking even for an IndyCar event. The entire business model needs reworked. I’m working on a story about this very topic right now.

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