Editorial: Watch Out For High-Flying IndyCars

One thought on “Editorial: Watch Out For High-Flying IndyCars”

  1. I agree completely with your analysis. Another question, at with HCN, Carpenter, and Newgarden is what caused the car to get loose initially. All three were in the groove and there was no apparent driver error. I also am no engineer but I’ve been around racing for a long while. I have 2 possible theories. First there may be a basic design flaw in the Chevy aero kit which causes the rear wing to stall under yaw and pitch? This would account for the sudden full loose condition. The second theory could apply to both aero kits. Is the massive downforce overpowering the suspension, wheel bearings or tire side walls? There has been little or no discussion or the causes of the spins, everybody is focused.on the flying. A race car needs to be designed “holistically”. These cars were designed a separate components. There is more to aero design than simply hanging new components on a generic spec chassis.

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