Feature: July Fab 5

One thought on “Feature: July Fab 5”

  1. The “gag rule” is just further evidence of the poor management of the series. A few years ago IMS banned an ESPN reporter because they couldn’t censor his copy. I was forced to stop contributing to a racing website because other contributers were worried about losing their IMS. credentials because of my columns. The root of the problem is common ownership of the series and IMS. Management decides everything in relation to what it envisions to be the heritage of the 500. The 500 is sacrosant and everything else exists to support IMS profitability. In an ideal world 1 entity would own the series; 1 would sanction the series; and IMS would run the Speedway. Each entity should own a substantial but non-controlling interest in the others. A car owner and a driver would be on the board of each. Until IMS management realizes that IMS depends on the series just as much as the series depends on IMS nothing will change.

    Can you imagine USAC back in the 60’s trying to muzzle AJ, Parnelli, Herk, Lloyd or Ziggy? There would have been a lot of broken noses and busted lips in the front office if they had.

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