For the Love of Racing…….

One thought on “For the Love of Racing…….”

  1. I agree completely that racing will always be dangerous. I was around USAC racing in the 60’s and unfortunately saw many serious crashes when safety was more or less an afterthought. As you point out safety measures and equipment evolved and deaths and serious injuries demished. If the goal of the sanctioning body is to reduce risk – as I believe all legitimate sanctioning bodies are or should be – then every aspect of the sport should be considered. Racing (semi) open wheel cars at the speed and close proximity present at Fontana is a risk that can be reduced by simple rules which would improve competition. Take away down force and increase horsepower. Racing will not be mash and point. Drivers will have to lift and brake and speeds will increase, yes increase, and it will be much safer. Look at The outright speed records at Indy. Straight-a-way speeds were higher and corner speeds were lower. Passes were made on entry or exit not by drafting on the straights. Drivers skills were the determining factor, not pit strategy and fuel mileage. Was Fontana a good race? It depends on your perspective. It was great if you enjoy wondering when someone might be killed. It wasn’t if you prefer racing where driver skills and car preparation determine the outcome. Sign me up for the latter.

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