Mueller: Senna Movie Review

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  1. Jackie Stewart: AS a child He is the voice of formula 1 as well as its cicesnonce. Great Driver and great man.Michael Schumacher: He’s 7 time World Champion, duh. Plus he’s the same age as me so there’s still hope if only i knew how to drive a manual transmission.Ayrton Senna: Probably the mightiest drive I’ve ever seen. He never stopped looking for grip or pushing to win. He would probably been banned from the sport for some of the moves he pulled but that guy had guts and talent.Gilles Villeneuve: Exciting driver saw him at Long Beach.Emerson Fittipaldi I had dinner with him when I was 9, Where i told him the engineers should use the exhaust gasses to energize the underside of the car to increase down force. But since i was nine I probably used lots of vroom and swooshing noises so maybe I didn’t get my point across clearly. and looking back on that i think what the hell happend to me? Prost I know this is the 6th driver but how can i put Senna and not put Prost. +3Was this answer helpful?

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