St. Pete, or St. Pitiful? For Pete’s Sake IndyCar!

4 thoughts on “St. Pete, or St. Pitiful? For Pete’s Sake IndyCar!”

  1. Fun first race article – but I disagree that Will Power was in the wrong on the way he choose to conduct the first restart of the St. Pete race. What’s wrong is that the Hulman/George brain trust chooses to keep meddling with the structure of the series and changed the restart procedure from double-file to single-file and then changes the position of the ‘cone zone’ from which the lead driver may choose when to begin the acceleration for the restart of the field.

  2. Well an interesting summary of the initial begin to Indy Racing – first and foremost that race in Houston, TX was horrific. The course they raced on should never have been – it caused Dario to crash and there were so many difficulties with other car issues and drivers. I’ve driven those streets and I blame Houston for the problems with that race. Dario will never race again – thanks Houston. Second, Will had a margin to the restart – watch it again – the other drivers shouldn’t be so greedy to try and run one another over as I felt he was doing everything correct.
    Yes a slow start – no major accidents or injuries.
    Fans like that sort of racing but we’re not Nascar – so deal with it. Either you can watch it or NOT.


    1. Houston was more of a demographic choice as I wrote. For the most part, most of our road and street course races are rubbish, unless you happen to be standing right behind a wall, or fence at the race. For the TV viewer it is even worse, as the current Sunday Nielsen rating of 0.59 shows! Probably two of our better courses are gone. Baltimore, and Brasil. With a great chance of F1 swooping up Long Beach, and the Sonoma race going bye, bye, as well.Fans by the way like excitement, which for the most part has been found at all our oval races. AS for the guys being greedy? You are talking about the back marker’s, who by that point would have guessed the front of the pack would be standing on it. Not lifting as Will Power confessed to doing.

      1. Thanks for catching that. I meant to say she was last, ponintig out that she is very inconsistent.I like your pick of Ryan, I think most people would assume he will become the guy there at AA. They way Conway has been running this weekend though, I am starting to believe in him.

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