The Oval Attendance Conundrum

3 thoughts on “The Oval Attendance Conundrum”

  1. KY is my home track so I definitely miss the series racing here. At times attendance was very good, but the schedule changed and the race seemed to always be run during a UofL or UK football game. That was a problem because we only have three ‘metro’ areas in the state. If fans in Louisville, Lexington, and Northern KY ( suburban Cincinnati) watched football there was not many fans left for the IndyCar race.

  2. Eddie said he expects 70-90,000 at tonight’s race, not 30,000. He said it will easily be Indycar’s second largest race if the season. But I do agree with your article!

  3. Anthony, it would be hard to say it will be IndyCar’s second largest race as an event like Long Beach has a huge crowd. It’s much harder to determine a street event attendance but they usually put Long Beach between 150,000-200,000. That could be attendance for the whole weekend but the majority would be race day. If Eddie can get 70-90,000 that’s a huge jump in attendance from the last several years.

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