November 7-21, 2021

On behalf of everyone at Open-Wheels Motorsports Sanctioning, welcome to the 2021 Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race.

Formed in the spirit of the late Tony Hulman, this annual event takes aim at personalizing the Memorial Day classic into a virtual “500” for our competitors – to make it truly feel like the World’s Greatest Sim Race. Our goal each year is to present sim racers (and real-life drivers) with the closest experience possible to what drivers in open-wheel racing enjoy each May.

With an exciting two-day qualifications format featuring classic bumping, the option to drive any of the three Dallara Indy car chassis available on iRacing, full media coverage by Open-Wheels, plus race day broadcast coverage, prizes, and more, this event is unlike any other 500-mile event on iRacing today.

With the support of the sim racing community and the motorsport community as a whole, this event has quickly grown into the most prestigious and most anticipated event in open-wheel sim racing each year.

Open-Wheels invites all drivers to compete in the 2021 event, with qualifications set for November 13 and 14, and race day on Sunday, November 21. Visit this site throughout your preparation before and during the event and become familiar with the dropdown menu options.

As November draws nearer, additional pages will be activated to accommodate the rule book, entry form, official session results, timing and scoring, and much more.

I look forward to serving the competitors, sponsors and fans of this race once again in 2021 by creating an event that all of us will be proud to be a part of for years to come.

Tanner Watkins
Owner of Open-Wheels.com
President of the Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race
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