The Open-Wheels 500 Mile Race is proud to have built a reputation of excellence and prestige among the sim racing and real-world racing communities.

To learn more about what the influential members of each community think of our event, check out some of the testimonials provided by competitors, commentators, and supporters following our 2019 event.

Former Open-Wheels 500 Winner

This has been the best-organized event I have ever run in anything sim racing-related. I cannot thank Tanner and enough for this event.

RaceSpot TV Commentator

I think (the Open-Wheels 500) is the best private event that has ever been held on the iRacing service – and I don’t think it is even close.

Motorsports Veteran

The inaugural Open-Wheels 500 was an absolute blast and everything I hoped it would be – from the actual competition in the race to the return on my investment (I received requests to subscribe to my Thru Kaiser’s Visor e-newsletter from four different countries!), everything about the event was first-rate. I even got nervous singing ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’! I am looking forward to participating again this year with an even larger ‘footprint,’ and can’t wait to get started on 2020!

Driver, Team Talent

This event was far and away the most fantastic iRacing event I’ve been a part of. The traditions, competition, and aura of the event has been something I have never experienced prior to this month. I’ve heard people say that this race contained arguably the greatest depth of IndyCar talent ever seen on the service, and I would have to agree.

Open-Wheels 500 Rookie of the Year

This year’s event has been one of the biggest, most well-run, most fun, and best races in iRacing history. I think could be a true turning point in what we see out of not only the IndyCar community, but the iRacing community in general.

Driver, TDR with Team Talent

I don’t think anyone expected an event to go like this. Every other event is just practices and race. This event went above and beyond. It actually felt like I was about to drive a real Indy 500.

Driver, Powerslide Motorsports

(Finishing third place) … in this race, which is probably the biggest and most prestigious race I have been in in my sim racing career, it means a lot to finish on the podium.

Driver, Snake Pit

A massive thank you to Tanner for the immeasurable amount of time and effort that he has put into this event, which resulted in the most professional event I have ever participated in sim racing. It is extremely impressive. Top job the whole way.

Driver, SADI Sim Autosport

The event as a whole was the best event I’ve ever participated in. The professional approach and every detail just made you feel as if you were participating in something real, and important. The race itself was probably the cleanest ‘500’ I’ve ever been in. The quality of racing on track was unmatched in anything I’ve done previously. I really can’t say enough good things about what this event has been for me, or the community as a whole.

Driver, Snake Pit

This whole experience was nothing short of amazing! Even though (our finishing position in) the race was a disappointment, we’re looking forward to next year’s edition and putting this event at the top of our list!

Brandon Traino
Driver, Broken Aero with RLL

I’m excited to prep for 2020 after seeing the attention the amount of participation this event has gotten. Tanner has done an incredible job with the event, and I am excited to see what he puts together next year.

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Dave Adams, SADI Sim Autosport
Thank you to Tanner and Open-Wheels for putting this event together. It really let a lot of people see how the iRacing IndyCar community can and should be. I do believe that it has helped in causing a shift in the community – for the better.

Simon Briant, SADI Sim Autosport
I thought the event was outstanding. The organization of qualifying, “Today at the 500,” and the race was just astounding.

AJ Burton, Indy 500 Group
It was a really enjoyable month of November, all the way through. Thank you to Tanner for putting together the event and I look forward to next year when we will give it our best for a win.

John Hajek-Doggett, Team Talent
I’d like to thank for producing this next-level event – not merely a virtual Indy 500, but a comprehensive Month of May experience!

Rob Powers, Kinetic Racing
The whole month of events was fantastic. Qualifying was stressful, the Veterans 100 and Pit Stop Competition were fun side events, and it was great to be a part of the first Open-Wheels 500. Thanks for putting this event on, Tanner.

Silvio Sanchez, Cornithians Rally Team
The organization (of the event)… it was fantastic. The three (pace laps) with the cars in rows of three made for beautiful images. The race direction was always very clear in the warnings and all the riders gave a (great) show in an incredibly clean race. Thank you very much for the event!

Logan Simmons, Iconic Motorsports
This has been by far the most fun thing to participate in and immerse into… I can’t wait to come back next year more experienced and try to do better.

Chris Stofer, Powerslide Motorsports
I really appreciate the opportunity to run in this event and hope that this becomes a staple for years to come.

Thales Toledo, Independent
I made new friends and knew some great folks through this event.  Open-Wheels put a great effort into it, and it almost felt like the real thing. A real professional job with what Open-Wheels managed to achieve with the event. I hope you make it again next year!

Andrew Wood, Team Talent
This event was much more exciting than I anticipated from start to finish. The prep, the camaraderie, the stress of qualifying, and the race itself was just incredible.

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