Classic IndyCar Series to offer race awards for Open-Wheels 500 in November

Classic IndyCar Series to offer race awards for Open-Wheels 500 in November

Open-Wheels Staff
September 5, 2019 | 10:00 AM

One of the most exciting aspects about this fall’s inaugural running of the 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions is the opportunity to compete in three different Dallara Indy car chassis on iRacing.

Today, Open-Wheels would like to announce a partnership with the premiere racing series that features a piece of Indy’s past.

The Classic IndyCar Series boosted by LOGYKAL, an online racing league hosted on iRacing, will team up with the Open-Wheels 500 to provide a pair of race awards for drivers attempting to compete in the race using the Dallara IR-05 chassis.

Specifically, the Classic IndyCar Series will fund a cash prize for both the highest qualifier in a Dallara IR-05, and the highest finisher in a Dallara IR-05.

“The Classic IndyCar Series is one of the premier leagues on iRacing, featuring some of the most competitive, clean, and exciting racing on the service,” said Tanner Watkins, owner and editor of and the president of the 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions.

“Robert (Grosser) is a wonderful supporter of IndyCar racing on iRacing and his support of our event bears that out. I am looking forward to seeing which drivers try and qualify for the race in the Dallara IR-05, and the incentives that they will have waiting for them.”

For league owner Robert Grosser, the partnership helps bolster the Classic IndyCar Series – who will have their own 500-mile race at Indianapolis on November 3.

“The Classic Indycar Series is very excited to support the 500 Mile Race in its inaugural event. Especially so, considering that the “IndyCar Dallara 2011″ (aka Dallara IR-05) will be allowed to enter this event makes it very appealing for us,” said Grosser.

“We like the idea of encouraging drivers to choose the oldest available chassis for this event, and at the same time support Tanner Watkins, who puts so much effort into this unique event.”

The Classic IndyCar Series will bring an edge to the inaugural 500 Mile Race – just two weeks after their own 500-mile event at Indianapolis on November 3. (CIS)

Grosser’s love for the Dallara IR-05, and racing the machine on the most realistic simulator available to the public, has fueled a five-year run with the Classic IndyCar Series that will see the league continue through this fall and into 2020.

“The Classic Indycar Series (CIS) was founded in 2015 in an effort to keep the Dallara IR-05 alive on iRacing, after it got replaced by the newer DW12 back in summer 2014,” stated Grosser. “Now in its fifth season, CIS has grown over the years and can be considered as the premier Dallara IR-05 series on the service.

“A year-long schedule with full-distance races of approximately two hours guarantees a tough challenge for all drivers on the grid. We hope to see many of our drivers taking their momentum of running the 2019 CIS Indy 500 on November 3rd into this event, and hopefully scoring a decent result against the newer chassis on the grid.”

The 2019 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions will be held on Sunday, November 17, broadcast live by RaceSpot TV. Entries for the event will be accepted between October 1 and 25, and practice opens on November 3.

Qualifications Weekend presented by AG Trucking will be held on November 9 and 10, with final-hour coverage of each day being shown live in a special session by RaceSpot TV.

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