Goke offers donations for Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race events and prizes

Goke offers donations for Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race events and prizes

Open-Wheels Staff
August 15, 2019 | 4:00 PM

While many companies around the United States have partnered with the inaugural Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race this summer, the site would like to bring a member of the iRacing community into the spotlight today for his generous contributions to our beloved event.

Jonathan Goke, an active duty member of the United States Air Force for 12 years and an established driver on the iRacing IndyCar scene, will support multiple facets of the Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race with a monetary contribution that all drivers participating in the event will enjoy.

“I have known and raced alongside Jonathan for the last five years on iRacing and I was elated when he reached out to me with an interest in supporting our event,” said Tanner Watkins, owner and editor of Open-Wheels.com and the president of the Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions.

“To see him make this sort of commitment to our event is encouraging – a reflection of his values and also a reflection of the community’s excitement about the race as a whole. It makes me that much more excited for our action-packed November, which is just around the corner.”

Goke’s contribution will help fund the winner’s purse for the Veterans 100, a support race to be held the day before the “500,” plus in-race awards such as the Workhorse Award, Halfway Challenge Award, Fastest Lap Award, Leaders’ Circle Award, and Most Improved Position Award.

His support of Opening Day will go straight into the driver’s cash prize pool, which will see each starter in the field of 33 competitors take home a cash prize.

“I am extremely excited to be partnering with Tanner and Open-Wheels.com for this amazing event,” exclaimed Goke. “I have absolutely no doubt that this will bring in a ton of new competitors to the IndyCar, as well as have an amazing amount of support from the regulars.

“Everyone knows that I call the IndyCar community home on iRacing, and I just want to be able to give something back through the amazing list of rewards available to sponsor. I cannot wait to get to November and see how it all plays out!”

In addition to Goke’s generous donation, he also noted to Open-Wheels that should he be in a position to win an award that he is sponsoring, the cash prize will go to the next eligible driver for that award.

An entry form for competitors interested in qualifying for the 2019 Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions will go live on October 1. You may find the link on Open-Wheels.com, the iRacing forums and the Open-Wheels social media network, and entries will be accepted without charge until October 18.

Opening Day is scheduled for Sunday, November 3, and the two days of qualifications will be held on November 9 and 10. Race day is Sunday, November 17, and the event will be broadcast live around the world on RaceSpot TV.

For companies or individuals interested in supporting the event, there are still a host of fine sponsorship and donation options available by visiting our Sponsorship Opportunities page. Stay tuned for continued updates on the 2019 Open-Wheels.com 500 Mile Race presented by Mitchell Transmissions.

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