SAFEisFAST: eSports and Sim Racing an option for entry-level driving prospects

SAFEisFAST: eSports and Sim Racing an option for entry-level driving prospects

By: Tanner Watkins
March 7, 2019 | 1:00 PM

You hear about it more and more these days in racing circles – the fact that simulation racing is getting ever-so-close to the real thing. With the advent of virtual reality racing, complex three-monitor cockpits and dedicated manufacturer simulators, this is how a kid from Idaho could conceivably jump in an iRacing race and go wheel-to-wheel with Max Verstappen or Lando Norris.

With that being said, the real-world racing community is taking notice. SAFEisFAST, a group that provides online video tutorials and guidance to promote and teach the skills necessary to be both safe and fast on the track, recently took the time to speak with a handful of respected individuals in both the real-world and sim-world side of motorsports.

Included in the video below are testimonies on how and why simulation racing is being viewed as a legitimate alternative to entry-level racing, such as karting, and the trends developing in series such as Formula One.

At Open-Wheels, we are embracing the sim racing movement, and will additionally provide further sim racing coverage beginning in May – more details to come on that front.

Without further ado, check out the latest video from SAFEisFAST and learn more about the strides being made in the sim racing community.

Featuring expert advice from over 100 champion drivers and industry professionals from around the world, SAFEisFAST covers everything from finding the fast line and fitness training to race car engineering and set-up.

The site was created by the Road Racing Drivers Club, an elite organization made up of many of the world’s greatest race drivers. Members are elected by their peers and include Formula One champions, Indy-500 winners and champion sports car drivers.

Video courtesy of SAFEisFAST.

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